Kupp/Michel for Aaron Jones/Hollywood Brown

Got offered this trade, Kupp/Michel for Aaron Jones/Hollywood Brown. Should I take it?

I feel pretty good at wr. I have obj, diggs(who I worry a little about), Alshon Jeffery, Will Fuller, Gallup,and Demarcus Robinson. And Kupp of course.

Surprisingly fair value, surprising because of the names.

Kupp is the #1 target on a Rams offense that is elite but hasn’t blown up yet. So, I anticipate Kupp to only get better: top 15 guy week in week out.
Michel is in the same boat, talented player with talented offense, just hasn’t produced fully yet. So long as he stays healthy, I see him as a top 20 RB week in and week out with top 10 games when he scores multiple times.

Aaron Jones is a very talented RB on a top 10, maybe top 5, offense. The RBBC talk doesn’t worry me too much because he’s efficient enough to produce even with limited touches.
Hollywood looks like the real deal; but, has played in 2 cake matchups. When the weather gets colder and Baltimore plays real teams, we should see Lamar run more and the offense slow down a bit.

I think Kupp is much more valuable than Hollywood (top 15 WR vs a Flex WR)
I think Aaron Jones is more consistent than Michel but both guys will be around the RB15-18 range with some weeks inside the top 10.

I like the Kupp/Michel side but don’t fault anyone for taking the other if they really believe in Hollywood or are afraid of Michel

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I’m just hurting at rb, I have CMC, Michel, Damien Williams, miles Sanders, and jaylen samuels.