Kupp or A Jones

FULL PPR LEAGUE. who do you want ROS?

Kupp all day with how the Rams play. Jones will have value once the offense is 100% in GB and will be of great value in the inclimate weather months…

Damn. Two players I love but in full PPR, I have to go with Kupp probably unless you are absolutely starving at RB.

thanks mike. I was thinking the same. I think jones will get the workload soon which is why I’m hesitant. I have CMC, Breida, and Carson as my other RBs. kinda thin. WRs I have AJ, JuJu, M. Williams, Godwin, and Hogan (KILL ME).

thanks BBB. sounds like you’re high on Jones though? what if my other RBs are Breida, CMC, and Carson.

jones will be the top RB in GB, but Mike McCarthy needs to keep him on the field! this committee nonsense kills me, they need to just lead with the battering ram Jones and be done with it.

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Damn. I might stick with Jones. Your RB corps is extremely depleted. I am the resident Aaron Jones truther and I think he wins that job out. You can only keep talent contained for so long. Jones is averaging 5.5 YPC since entering the NFL which is second on to…drum roll please… Kamara.

He is 6th in the league in tackles evaded so far and williams is dead last with 0 tackles evaded. Going up against this Lions D with all of packers WRs injured, I think he’s primed for a breakout game.

ANd contary to what McCarthy plays about packers using an “RBBC”, that just isn’t true at all when you look at them historically. Last year, it was Ty Mont who was the workhorse until he got injured cause he’s weak, then it was Aaron jones who was getting 20+ touches before he got injured, then it was Williams getting 20+ touches. And then look back further than that, you had Fat Lacy, Ryan Grant, all guys who had massive workloads.

I just think he wants it to remain competitive but its so clear to anyone involved (rodgers included) who the best RB is.

Value wise, Kupp def > Jones for now, but I think it’s also definitely possible that changes. This isn’t really based on any expert analysis, its honestly just based on my gut and what I see when I watch the tape. Jones is a stud. If he was on a team or got to a position where he gets 20+ touches, I think he would be an auto lock RB and I would take him over every RB other than Zeke, Gurley, Kamara, Barkley, Gordon, Mixon.

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damn. really appreciate the breakdown. I definitely agree with you and the only reason I was hesitant was because it’s just so obvious that he deserves to be the bellcow back on that team. I didn’t realize that historically McCarthy isn’t a RBBC coach. also just remembered that back in the day Lacy got a ton of work.

I really like Kupp and think he can sustain the production. but im worried that his value is sky high right now and I shouldn’t expect 30 burgers week in and week out. Also Kupp is expendable for that owner (he has Julio, Hopkins, TY, C. Davis, J. Brown as well) and i’m probably just upgrading his team even more haha

I agree but I wouldn’t have that as your expectation. I think in the best case scenario, Jones wins the lead job and gets like 60-65% of the workload, which isn’t bell cow by any means but that should net him like 15-20 touches a game. Given his efficiency, that’s more than enough to produce at high end Rb2 / low RB1 numbers. What I said was just to make a point about my belief in the talent, not that I think it would actually come to fruition that he gets bell cow numbers. Only a couple of those in the league and no matter how much we pray, Ty Mont isn’t going away.

I agree his value is super high right now but I actually really love Kupp. Had him pegged as my favorite receiver in that offense in the offseason just based on his rapport with Goff and the amount of red zone looks he gets. He led his team last year in red zone targets and was 4th in the entire NFL. Right now, he is 4th in the NFL as well behind guys like MT and Kamara. I don’t see that role changing at all and think he is an every week starter and high end WR2 for rest of the season.

I’m just basing what I said off your roster. In no world am I comfortable having Chris Carson as my RB2. I don’t expect him to get 30+ touches again this season. That was vs the NFL’s worst team and with 32 touches, he barely got 100 yards and got 1 TD. That is atrocious. Any RB who gets 32 touches should be a top 3 finishing RB for that week. It’s full on committee there and Carroll is a moron so i want no part of that backfield.

In fact if you can go out and trade carson right now, I’d do that.

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totally agree. i’m not a big trader when it comes to fantasy (or at least my league isn’t big on it) which is probably why I’m mulling this for longer than I probably need to. It’s a 2 flex league so having that extra WR who I can count on week in and week out will help. I’m also worried cause I have Rodgers and graham starting most weeks and I never like having that many guys starting from the same team.

If I could get rid of Carson he’d be gone already haha. I’m sick of Carroll and his bullshit. Didn’t help that Mike Davis went off in Carson’s absence.

Hey man I know you’re not getting paid for any of this (I really appreciate your advice), but if you don’t mind I wanted to pick your brain about another situation in this league. I’m trying to get Marshawn from another owner. He has no QBs and I have Wentz, Rodgers, and Big Ben (don’t ask why haha. injuries at the start of the season). Im trying to ship one of them and maybe Breida for Marshawn. Is that enough? Or should I aim lower for his Crowell? He’s got Kamara and Hunt so both those guys are expendable sort of.

Oh if you’re starting both Rodgers and Graham, having Jones is not ideal. Stacking QBs with RBs isn’t really worth it unless its Goff + Gurley or like Ben + Bell. Maybe try and trade Graham or even Rodgers to diversify your team a bit.

Marshawn has admittedly been doing much better than I thought he would. Mainly that Oakland has been doing better than I thought but they also haven’t really played any good teams. When they did (vs rams), they got blown out and Lynch would’ve been a bad play without a TD. That’s how i view him going forward. I think right now and particularly, last week was his ceiling. I see very few games where Lynch will touch the ball 20 times. Having said that I also don’t value Breida much at all. If you can get Breida + QB for Lynch, I’d do that. If I were a Lynch owner, I wouldn’t do it but doesn’t hurt to try.

I’d try and sell Big Ben out of that. Then probably also take rodgers and try and trade for someone else. No point rostering 3 Starting QBs. Just role with Wentz.

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agreed. just been waiting on wentz to get healthy. gonna move forward and try to find a replacement RB2 by trading a QB or two. thanks again man. Good luck this season!