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Kupp or Chris Thompson


I’m in a 0 PPR league and only have Chris Carson as a backup RB. Someone just dropped Thompson. He shared the ball a lot with AP week one and got a lot of yards. Should I drop Kupp to pick him up? Or will they start easing off Thompson as Peterson gets comfortable. Just a little note, I’m in a two QB league, so I can’t really expect to have two or three backup RBs and WRs. Kupp also my only back up WR.


I’d take Thompson over Kupp. I’m not a believer in AP. Look at what he did in Arizona last year. Blew up his first game and did next to nothing the rest of the season.


Both should be owned regardless of league and roster layouts


Try to roster both of them. Who would drop Thompson after that week one performance? Kupp also had a ton of target share. Can I join your league next year !?


Should roster both indeed.


I was surprised too. He dropped him for Keelan cole. I also a David Njoku I could drop instead of Kupp. I had him tied up in a trade but it looks like that fell through now.


In a non-ppr standard scoring format, I am taking Kupp. Much better offense and I believe he is the primary red zone target for Goff. He led the team last year in red zone targets despite having Watkins there. Watkins has now been replaced by Cooks who is actually pretty awful in the red zone. I’m projecting double digit TDs for kupp this year. Someone to the tune of 80+ catches, 800-900 yards, and 10-12 TDs.