Kupp or Cobb


Cupp or Cobb? Feel like cupp has a higher floor, and Cobb higher ceiling. Projected to be a close game.

Thanks in advance!

I like cupp in this one, that Vikings defense plus hobbled Rodgers is scary .

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Actually feel pretty good about Cobb this week. There are stats that show Rodgers heavily targets Cobb when throwing from the shotgun, should be in shotgun most of the day with Rodgers’ limited mobility. Also could see a lot of quick passes which will favor Cobb. Then you also have the fact that Rhodes will be covering Adams. The best matchup for the GB WRs is Cobb, should be their best way of moving the chains this week

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I like Kupp this week, he seems to be the main red zone target, and while Arizona is relatively strong on the edges they struggle in the middle of the field which is where Kupp typically hangs out

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