Kupp or Godwin ROS?

I’ve got Kupp, Evans, and Thomas. Yeah I know lol but with Kupp the schedule gets tough and I’m not worried about him personally but I don’t know how that oline and Goff holds up to the tougher competition that could negatively impact Kupp. Was thinking a pairing of Godwin and Evans would be nice. How do y’all think about that?

I personally wouldn’t but if you want to it’s not going to kill you. I like having my talent spread out on multiple teams and Kupp being a slot WR negates a lot of the “tougher competition”. Most top tier DBs won’t move from the X or Z even if the slot is the best WR on the opposing team.

Also, not a production reason but more of a “fun” reason. I like having players in a lot of different games to give me something to root for. IE rooting for Kupp in the Rams game and Evans in the Bucs game.

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