Kupp or Hogan week 1?

I’m leaning with Hogan for my flex this first week, but…even with Edelman out to start, and even tho Hogan’s projected to be one of Brady’s top choices, really, really kinda pulled to Kupp. Both have great (weak) opposition in their favor-Rams (@Oak) (NE vs Hou), but Kupp now has Brandin Cooks to compete with, so…just really tusseling with who would be the better flex for this week.

If it was you…what would your thoughts be? (full ppr)

Thanks y’all!!!

I don’t really think this is a close one. Hogan is easily a top 15 WR for me in the first 4 weeks. I think he slides to a TD dependent WR2 past that. But until then, ride the train.

That game is slated for 50.5 points, which is close to a shootout. While I think Hogan has been overdrafted, if you have him, you have to ride his early season to a few wins to justify that value.

Thanks buddy. As I mentioned…leaning towards Hogan, so your thoughts help there. And yeah, with Edelman out of the pic the first four weeks, I think Hogan is somewhat of a prime target after Gronk. Just really thinking Kupp is gonna have his break-out year, so therein lies my uncertainty. I think they’re both gonna be big pieces this year, hence my picks in my draft.

Again…thanks tons @Mzags77. Appreciate your imput more than you know!!!

Hogan. Not even close.

And I am actually starting Kupp in my flex for a 3WR 2RB + flex league.