Kupp or Woods?

Hey Foot,

Need some thoughts again. I need to stop my 2 game skid and my opponent has Goff. Both Kupp and Woods are available on the waiver and I have Evans on suspension. If I can match his points a little with that, I believe I can pull out the win with Gordon and Fournette on the ground.

He also has Brown and I’ll be streaming Big Ben this week.

I’m even half tempted to play Kupp and Woods since my other receivers are K. Allen and M. Thomas with tough matchups. I realize this is kind of an unorthodox way of trying to pull off a win, but my team has been struggling lately and need to shake things up.


I like woods more than kupp, I’m not sure what the targets are on both them but I’d use that to make my decision if I were you

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That was my thought too, but it’s hard to ignore Kupp being targeted so much in the Red Zone. Though, 15 red zone targets and only 3 TD’s from Kupp is kind of underwhelming.

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Kupp has the bigger chance to score than woods. The Rams offense is not going to explode like this every week after beating a bad NYG team. Gurley has been playing too good and Goff spread the ball around so Woods and Kupp will continue to have off weeks. You want the safe 5-6 receptions for 60-70 yards go with Woods. Right now the Rams have too many options on offense to funnel their plays through so it will be hard know who gets the all the targets and points. Last week it was woods and gurley, this week it could be Kupp and Higbee, or sammy wat, and Everett.