Kupp vs Tate ROS

Full ppr 12 team league. Start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex.

Which guy would you rather have?

Thank you!

The numbers say Tate, but my gut says Kupp. I think I’d have to go with Tate, but it’s super close.

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I’d rather have Tate.

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I don’t think u can go wrong either way I’d probably prefer Tate based on ineffective run game and usually playing from behind

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Asking because i also have Keenan, Landry, and J. Brown as my WRs. TE is Njoku and i’ve had to endure the Bell/McKinnon situation. RBs are Michel, Ajayi, Lewis, Bell, and Gio.

Try to upgrade my TE or RB by shipping out a WR? Targeting Kelce, specifically.

Kupp for me. I’ve had him above Tate since the offseason and I’ve seen nothing to suggest otherwise. Tate isn’t going to get 40+ TDs every week cause dudes can’t tackle. Not saying Tate isn’t capable cause he is and that is the strength of his game. But he doesn’t see any red zone looks and in weeks he doesn’t break it for 40, he’s going to be extremely volatile.

Kupp just has a very very solid floor and sees the red zone looks on a weekly basis to give up that upside. He’s also on a much better offense with a better coach and roughly equivalent QB.

This is a buy on McVay as much as it is a buy on Kupp. Jim Bob Cooter is trash.

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Would you then package Tate and Ajayi/Lewis for Kelce? D. Freeman? J. Mixon?

Yes, maybe, and definite yes. If you can package those and get Mixon, that is robbery. Same with Kelce.

Freeman I’m worred just cause of injury. If he was healthy though, then yeah I’d take that as well. I hate injury prone guys though so I just avoid them generally.

Threw out Tate and Lewis for Mixon as well as Tate and NJoku for Kelce.

I’d use Kupp there instead since he is the #3 receiver on his team…and just had the best week of his career, and prob will stay that way for the rest of the season. Would love to have both but if i have to pick i am taking tate all day with a veteran qb who has played with tate for years at the same level every year. plus with the lions getting kerryon, there’s more room for tate to score TD’s that aren’t only 40 yard bombs. he also has 10 more targets than kupp right now and that will expand over the season undoubtedly…rams just have so many weapons, i can’t fathom that the odds could possibly favor kupp vs. tate to score more points this season.

So many weapons that the Rams are in 3 WR set about 95% of the time. Tate has seen his snap share decrease with the emergence of Golloday. I offered Tate after his big game.

Mixon owner declined. Not surprised, i’ve offered her multiple trade offers for Mixon and i think she’s getting annoyed.

I disagree with him being the #3 receiver. I think him and woods are really just 1A/1B except Kupp gets more red zone targets. He is currently #3 in the NFL in red zone targets with 16 trailing only Kamara with 20 and JJS/MT with 17 a piece. That isn’t a fluke. It’s just a continuation from last year. He was 4th in the league in red zone targets and that was with Watkins. It’s why i tried to buy him everywhere this off season because I think he has a legit shot of leading the league in red zone targets. They just love using him there and he’s just very good in short area quickness. Woods has more downfield ability but in terms of safety blanket and fantasy floor at the WR position, doesn’t come much better than Kupp. He’s going to get double digit TDs this year, one of the surest bets I’ve made.

There really isn’t. Contrary to above, want to know how many targets Tate has in red zone (within 20 yards)? 4. 2 within 20 and 2 within 10 and he caught none of them. He just isn’t a good red zone guy. He is not good in tight spaces. He’s good in big open spaces with open field cause he’s almost like a RB. Hard to tackle and very elusive. In the red zone though, he just isn’t good. Never has been. In 2017, he had 10 targets total within 20 yards. Guys that had more red zone looks than tate: Eli rogers, ryan grant, Brandon Coleman, Bennie Fowler, AJ Derby, Martavis bryant, etc. Tate is what he is, just got to live with it now.

He has 10 more targets which is basically 2 more targets a game. And most of that came in games 1 and 2 where he got 15 and 13 targets respectively, of which he had a 50% catch rate on. Since then, he’s received 8 targets in game 3 and 4 catching 6 in each.

On the flip side, Cooper Kupp’s targets have been 9, 6, 6, 11 while catching 5, 6, 4, 9 of them for a much better catch rate.

Hardly a lock for tate continuing to outpace Kupp in targets per game at 2.5. Not to mention Kupp pretty much catches everything thrown his way while tate is constantly dropping passes.

Maybe you can’t “fathom” the odds of Kupp outscoring Tate but I think there is actually a pretty realistic scenario that Kupp outscores Tate. Kupp is currently on pace for about 100 catches, 1400 yards and 16 TDs. Do I think he gets that? Probably not. But that implies a ypc of 14.5 ypc, not too far off from his 14 ypc of last year. Maybe a more realistic scenario for him though is something to the tune of 90 catches, 1000-1100 yards and 12-14 TDs.

Tate is currently on pace for 112 catches, 1556 yards and 12 TDs with a 14 ypc. That to me screams regression. In his 5 years with lions, he has never exceeded 6 TDs or 100 receptions and only exceed 12 ypc one time. He has also only exceeded 1100 yards 1 time and actually finished with <900 yards one year as well. He’s not magically going to become a TD monster and go 40+ yard TDs every week. So if he performs closer to his mean which is around 90 catches for 1000 yards, I think it’s actually pretty damn reasonable for Kupp to finish ahead of him this season with similar yardage/catches but way more TDs.

In fact, I’d be more than willing to bet on that. I think Kupp > Tate as a higher WR2.

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Kupp. He’s on the better team.