Kyle Borgognoni (AKA the Borgogan) takes us behind the scenes of the Fantasy Footballers

Hey Footclan, Josh here. I host the Big 3 IDP Podcast with my buddies Adam and Bobby (if you’re an IDP player, check it out) and we had Kyle Borgognoni on last night’s episode. We make the case for why he should play IDP, but as fans of the Fantasy Footballers, you all will love the beginning of our interview, where Kyle takes you behind the scenes of what it’s like to work with the Ballers. We talk about:

  • How he got started working with the guys
  • The work he does for the show and the website
  • The behind-the-scenes stuff that’s helped fuel their rise
  • The most popular episode of the week in-season (by far)
  • The unique selling point that the Ballers hang their hat on

You can check it out on Apple Podcasts here: (interview starts about 35 minutes in)

If you like the show, share it with a fellow FF Ballers listener and consider subscribing. Also, if you play IDP, tweet @kyle_borg and let him know what you love most about this form of fantasy football. Thanks everyone, enjoy!