Kyle Rudolf

Hey guys, just joined the clan and pretty excited!! Question though…

Started listening to the podcasts about a month ago through Spotify, and one of the first ones I listened to, one of you mentioned that if you miss out on the top 4 tight ends, you can pick up Rudolf as a sleeper in the late rounds, and you’ll be just fine. So I did exactly that!! But now you have me a little concerned because the most recent podcast, you were talking about Thielen and Diggs being the only worthy receivers this year, and that Rudolf would only see a little action as “a fill in”???

So should I drop him and hope the best with someone else on the waiver now??

I wouldn’t want to start Rudolph other than in emergencies. If the waiver is bad then you might need to just go with him though. He had a crazy % of 2018 points come in one of the last weeks of the season.

But TE gets pretty terrible after the top 6-8 guys are off the board. You’d probably be better streaming week to week if you miss them.

Who is available in your league?

I actually have Mark Andrews with Baltimore as well so maybe I’m ok. Other than that, the only notables on waiver are Graham (GB), Goedert (phi), or Lacosse (ne)

Or the rookie Fant

TJ Hockenson… Thank me later

Hockenson is not available.