Kyle Rudolph on waivers help!

Someone dropped Rudolph on our waivers this morning, I have Reed and burton already for te. Think I should drop Reed for him? Also have a 100 dollar waiver budget what do you think he is worth? I’m thinking like 10 to 15???

Honestly. Just stay put. Reed offers such a high floor, and Burton may be the #2 target option. Heck maybe even the #1

I agree, stand pat. Rudolph isn’t guaranteed to be better then either without seeing how healthy reed is or burton’s involvement. Mike believes we can get back to Rule 86: when Jordan Reed is active, you start him.

I’ll third that. I love Burton much more than Rudolph and if by some miracle Reed can play 16 this year at his potential you have a top 3 TE. If Reed is laying an egg by the time Burton’s bye comes around, I’d just drop him for a streamer to get you through the bye week.

Ok I like all the input think I’ll hang tight then, for now see how the first couple weeks go. Thanks everyone