Kyle Rudolph Trade Value

If you were trading Kyle Rudolph, what do you expect to get out of him? I’m looking to trade him for a WR. .5 PPR.
My WRs are Dez, Parker, Cooper, and Mike Williams.

TEs are kind of at a super buy low right now, so you’re probably going to have to package him with one of those WRs to seal the deal. But say Rudolph and Parker, you could maybe get Martavis Bryant (because he’s been rather lack-luster lately, but he’s got great volume so it will happen eventually) or Willie Snead might be a little easier to push for. He’s got a hamstring thing right now, but I think in a week or so he’ll be fine and is already past the Saints bye, and also his QB is Brees, so no more explanation needed. Maybe try to trade him to (if anyone has) the Keenum ownder. He targets Rudolph more.