Kyler Murray for Courtland Sutton

Hey guys, I need your opinion on an offer I received in my 0.5PPR, 10-team dynasty league.

I was offered Kyler Murray for my Courtland Sutton - straight up

My QB situation is pretty poor:

Luck (holding out hope he comes back)

My WR core is pretty thin outside of my top 2:

D. Hop
Tyler Boyd
Antonio Brown
Corey Davis

Let me know your thoughts!

That’s tough because Murray looks to be huge! However, the @ffballers are always saying that QB is much easier to replace in a dynasty draft then WR. Sutton looks poised to be great. I feel your pain with your QB situation right now, but I wouldn’t sell one of your young upcoming star WR’s for a QB. Everyone is loving what Kyler could become but he hasn’t done it YET.

Additionally, I think you can cut ties with Luck. Don’t think he’s coming back :joy:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ffballers display help.

I would try and target a better streaming option for this year like a Cam Newton or something along those lines. Or if you think you are going to be rebuilding try to go after a young/pre-breakout player and get a pick back in addition. Josh Allen will be far less expensive than Kyler. Or grab Kyler and a PPR WR from the person you are trading with