Kyler or D Jones?

Daniel is on the waivers, have Kyler in right now, and Josh allen on the bench.

Would you drop either of them to play Jones this week? Does he re-up from last week in another plus matchup

anyone have thoughts? Kyler has a good chance to really show up against a seahawks who faced Dalton, Rudolph for most of the game, and Bridgewater, who arent the best QBs out there by a long shot.

or Daniel, only 1 game under his belt but smoked it and has another great matchup against Skins.

I like Danny Dimes on this one… Yeah Kyler has a good match up but i feel like Danny has a better match up and with a run game that could suffer he should have to throw the ball more often… Thats my call

i like Jones matchup a lot here too. who would you rather drop, i lean josh allen right now, like both him and murray.

Allen has miami 2x just after his bye… its really hard to drop him just for that fact lol

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damn, amazzzing point.

im sure i could drop him this week, scoop him next week while on his bye and be ready to roll against miami.