L.Bell Trade offer

Have a big trade offer on the table, looking for some insight on whether or not I should take it.

Give: Lev Bell + Waller

Get: Ridley + Ingram + Ertz

My team:

RB: D. Johnson, Bell, Hyde, Miles Sanders, Mattison, Malcolm Brown
WR: Thielen, Diggs, Woods, Lockett, Chark, Gallup
TE: Waller

Its an upgrade at TE and for my depth at WR, which is nice because Woods and Diggs haven’t exactly been great.
But does this mess up my RB situation too much?

I dont think it’s worth it since your depth at RB is kind of questionable and Lev is a workhorse and the best player on that team. Waller is a great TE to have in your roster too, dont think the TE upgrade is worth the loss at RB. Plus your WR depth is already really solid.

If I were you I would decline that trade for sure.

I would do the same. Then I would look at dealing Diggs or Theilen for upgrades at other positions if need be.

Yea this is a no go, keep bell as long as you can. I also do agree with trying to sell woods or Thielen people will eat the name up most likely and you can upgrade from them

I agree with all. Bell is playing 100% of snaps. The only worry is durability because they are going to use the crap out of him. Maybe even let him kick field goals.

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He’s now willing to throw James White in.

Ertz, Ingram, White, Ridley

I mean, its tough to give up Bell, but that’s serious value.

Would you reject that counter offer?

Decline decline decline