L. Bell trade

12 team Full PPR.

I am thinking about proposing the following trade:

I would receive:
L. Bell
R. Wilson

I would give up:
D. Watson
J. White

Rest of my Lineup:
D. Brees
R. Fitzpatrick
A. Kamara
J. Connor
A. Ekeler
D. Lewis
D. Adams
A. Cooper
J. Brown
Q. Enunwa
J. Reed
E. Engram
J. Tucker
Philadelphia DEF

The other guy is currently 0-2 & starting Bortles at QB and Barber and Powell at RB with Ware and Murphy on his bench for RB.

I feel like i have a solid team but looking to secure that for playoffs by handcuffing Conner. Does this trade make sense and is it a fair trade?

To answer your question, without the names you’re trading a QB-RB for a QB-RB - so yeah that’s fair. But for the players involved, not so much. It’s so hard to judge Bell’s trade value because no one knows when he’ll be back. But even on the surface assuming he’s back week 10 and plays week 11, James White & Watson for Bell alone wouldn’t be a good offer. Bell is a top 3 back when he’s starting. He’s finish 2nd, 3rd, 48th (only played 6 games), and 1st in his last 4 years.

Also is this a 2 QB league? I don’t think you need to roster 3 QBs if not.

doubt they takes that trade

Would you take that trade on the other end? Its not close to me, I’d say no.

It is a 1 QB league. That is why I am looking to trade one and even though I am getting one back, Wilson would be used as a roster spot to float for my K & DEF bye weeks in upcoming weeks. Given the person that I am trading with is already 0-2 and it makes me think that he would be needing to win sooner than later and with the question as to when Bell comes back, he may need an improvement at RB to win now. I am honestly thinking he will counter for Watson and Lewis for Bell and Wilson but why not try to start a little lower.