L jackson or D Prescott?

I somehow lucked out and ended up wth both of these QBs, but I have no idea which to start. Obviously both are great plays this week. I give the slight edge to Lamar cause I think that game will be points galore where as Cowboys Dolphins will be more one sided. Thanks footclan!

Yeah, this is a good choice to have. I don’t think you can make a bad one here, but I agree I think Lamar has the higher upside. Dallas could turn into a running fest at some point. But I still think Dak goes over 300 and 3TD.

Id say the are the same in a 6pt passing TD league but Lamar is def the choice for a 4pt passing TD since he a bit more likely to run in a TD though they both have that skill set too.

I think you should play dak, of course Lamar is a top player, but he got a difficult opponent this week with the chiefs. And the chiefs are going to play a lot on offense, so less time for Lamar. Dak played fabulous in his last two games and got an easy opponent with the Dolphins. Playing Dak is the right choice in my opinion.