L. MURRAY - Sell High?

Currently have L. Murray, was looking to see if it was worth to sell high as D. Cook has been a no-show for a few weeks. Current RB’s are M. Gordon, Conner, DJ, Chubb and Foreman.

Was just offered Ekeler for Murray because the owner has some bye week fill in needed. Considering it to handcuff Gordon.

Cook owner is hurting at RB, Was looking at his roster and he has Ryan on his bench, he’s starting Mahomes and he doesn’t have much to offer aside from OBJ and Ertz. Stafford is currently my QB. WR’s are Julio, Golladay and J. Brown. TE is Rudolph (would like to upgrade him)


i would try to target the phillip lindsay owner see what he’s interested in on your team

That owner just gave up Kamara for Lindsay, Graham and McCoy last week

well sometimes taking advantage of people who don’t know how to trade properly is a part of fantasy football. Example, I just traded Stefon Diggs and Keke Coutee for JuJu, Drake, and Clement. That owner is 1-6 with his first win coming this week

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That’s very true lol

bump. just still weighing the options. Is Ekeler an asset I should have at 7-0 to protect my Gordon investment? Or is Murray worth holding with Cook dealing with an injury