Lack of Trading

Any advice on what to do when very few people in your league actually engage in trading?

I have this same question

Why aren’t people trading - is there just no communication in the league or are people just super hesitant to make any moves? Almost every league I’ve been in have had teams incredibly reluctant to look at trades unless they were offering up some clear garbage deals with them coming out way on top.

I don’t really have any great advice other than to be willing to start a discussion with other teams - start an email thread and get the ball rolling on talking about your needs, and asking about theirs (even if you already have a sense of what their needs are) and then start putting something together. People are hugely risk and loss averse so part of the process is not just offering a good deal but, because there tends to be a sense that the person offering the deal is trying to come out on top, putting in some effort to show how the trade works well for both sides can be very helpful.


That is perfect @JoeSport. Couldn’t of said it better. I agree, people offer up garbage trades, and offer players that they end up just dropping to the waiver wire when I decline. Some only think of themselves.
E-mail thread as JoeSport mentioned, Mazey app or an app of some kind, private Facebook page for the league will help for a more active league as well.
There is one league that I am in that is not active at all either. But when I posted on the message board, “Kareem Hunt is on the block.” They came running, and I got offers sent to me left and right.


Thanks for the advice both of you. Greatly appreciated. It’s mostly that the league was put together through a mutual friend so we don’t all necessarily know each other real well, but I’d also say some of us are more into fantasy than others which is a bummer as I’d love a more active league especially since we play for money.

hell if the league has players that aren’t super active or into FF, take full advantage at every turn possible!

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