Ladies League Looking to fill last spot!


I have an all girls league on yahoo platform. We started the league in 2013 and are really trying to keep it just ladies. Most of us are in Chicago but a few are scattered across the US. Its a Full PRR $50 buy in. The draft is online, August 27th at 7:30pm. We have 7 now, would love a 10 team league but will settle for 8. Please let me know if your interested.

I’m interested! (

Awesome, whats your name? Where are you from? how long have you been playing?

Any questions for me? Are you available on our draft day?

Miranda! I’m from Kansas City, MO. This is my third year playing. I’m available for draft day.

How are you doing buy in? Leaguesafe?
What’s the roster format?
Is this a FAAB league, or no? I’m cool with either, but was just curious.

I just sent you and email. Let me know if you dont see it

My wife is interested. Do you still have openings?

i do, we are hoping for 10 so if she wants in let me know. My email is ( she can email me there

We are still currently looking for 1 more lady for this league!

Hi! I might be interested. I’m in MA and have been playing for about 8 years (I think it’s been that long at least). I’m actually a commish of an all female ESPN league myself. Could you send me a message with more details about rules, scoring and payouts? Let me know if you prefer me to send an email instead.