Lamar/Hines for Rodgers/Pollard

Kicking around a trade offer:

Lamar and Hines (or Dillion)
Rodgers and Pollard

Am I giving away a bit much with Lamar considering the uncertainty around the Packers this year? I’d like to shore up my RB positions (current play: Swift and Ty’son, have Dillon, Hines, and Patterson on the bench).

The guy I’d be trading with is 0-2 so I’m thinking he’d be a bit tilty…my only concern is I’m hosing myself in an attempt to get Pollard.

Any thoughts?

Should mention rosters I guess (not including D and Kicker)
(Q/R, R/W, W/T/F / B, B, B, B, B, B, B)

Mine: Lamar/ Swift , Tyson Williams/ T. Hill, Evans / J. Smith / Shepard / Mahomes, Claypool, Dillon, Deebo, Hines, Tim Patrick, C. Patterson

His: Rodgers / Cook , Javonte Williams / Ridley, D Moore/ Goedart / Jefferson / Justin Chase, M. Carter, Sermon, Mooney, Pollard, Fields, Pittman Jr.

Thanks again gang.