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Lamar Jackson a potential top10 ROS?


Would you guys consider Lamar a top 10 QB ROS? I am thinking about picking him up but I already have two QBs in Luck and Rivers


No, those are two top notch veteran QBs. There is almost 0 chance he finishes better than either. I would not roster him as a third QB in a single QB league.


I have Fitzpatrick and Stafford, I’m 8-1 and in need of a QB for the playoffs. My bench currently consists of Rudolph, J. Brown, Breida. Rest of team is Julio, Adams, M. Gordon, Conner, Vance, Keenan and DJ. Who would you drop, if any for Jackson’s potential


Maybe grab him and try to make a quick trade before the deadline (if yours is the 10th)?

Looks like he is going to play.

With his running he could have an long shot at a top 12 ros, but probably more like 15 or so. He is just such a dynamic runner that it could be a real advantage. Look at what Trubisky has done this year.