Lamar Jackson Confidence

I’ve ridden Lamar to the playoffs, he is a crucial part of my team. What is the foot clan’s confidence level in him? Right now my best backup plan on waivers is Gardner minshew, Fitzpatrick, Drew Lock or Eli Manning (everyone inexplicably rosters 2 or 3 QBs in my league). Who are you going to of those guys? Even if Lamar plays, how much do you trust him? Would you still start him over the others? Thanks footclan!

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I was able to grab Tannehill but I’m still leaning towards starting Lamar waiting for todays report to come out to see how the ravens comment on his health though hopefully a full practice and no injury tag means I just roll him out

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May I ask what the rest of your roster looks like since you have 5 QBs??

Tannehill is an outstanding back up plan although If Lamar is starting I am confidently starting him. Semi-finals. You can’t sit your studs.


LOL sry I should’ve clarified, they are Waiver Wire QBs! Tannehill has been rostered since his initial breakout unfortunately


QB: Lamar
RB: Saquon, Dalvin, Fournette, Carson, Mattison, Armstead, Royce Freeman
WR: D. Hopkins, K. Allen, M. Gallup, R. Anderson
TE: Abercrombie, OJ Howard
D/ST: 49ers
K : Lutz

OOOHHH! I was gonna say, why do you need another QB if you have Lamar.

Damn boy! That team is stacked!
I keep an eye on reports but I think you’re fine on QB. Even a crappy Lamar gets a floor of at least 15.

If I do pick up a back up QB just in case, I’d grab Eli. Can’t believe I just said that.

Sounds like he’s dinged up plus, THUR night games, goofy stuff happens like Kenyan Drake looking like Barry Sanders against the #1 defense. Have to start him if healthy but if questionable I would pivot for sure. Jets D is no pushover. They could caused some damage with a gimpy Lamar.

I have him in 3 leagues and if he’s playing I’m gonna start him in all of them. His upside is way too high not to ride him in the playoffs even if he is a little banged up. It might be a bit risky, but I think it’s worth it


As @Marencophoto and @dbmville said, I would play Jackson if he starts. My model has him projected to be the QB1 by more than 10% over the projected QB2. I am concerned about his injury and Mark Andrews’ injury, but the only QBs I would consider starting over him are Tannehill and Watson, who are the projected QB2 and QB3. Winston is the projected QB4, but he has his own injury and pass-catcher concerns.

Unless there is specific news before the game that Jackson could be on a short leash or will be especially limited, I would play him. That said, I would ABSOLUTELY roster Fitzpatrick ASAP. He is the projected QB5 this week and QB6 next week and is a great backup plan in case Lamar’s injury causes problems this week or next. If someone gets Fitz before you do, I would go get Eli as a backup (but for this week only).

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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I have Jackson in my league. I also have Tannehill on my bench. I would rather go down with Jackson starting vs him blowing up in my bench. I feel like I could handle losing with more than without him.

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