Lamar Jackson for 1st Round Pick and Aaron Jones

Would you make this trade in dynasty?

I’m most likely in the minority but I really believe that Jackson can be a special QB, but he could also be a complete bust and suck too, ha. I would keep him personally. Good QB coaching in Balt, he adds a special ability to run the ball better than any QB in the league too. His knock is his size I think but I also think that can be fixed as well with time.

There are so many unknows here, hard to call without knowing the rest of your roster, scoring and league size (and your trade partners roster too to try and assess where that 1st will be next year)

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Is this a Single QB league? If so than yes I would make this trade immediately. In a single QB league, you don’t really need to take risks with Rookie QBs. The position is so deep. Getting a 1st AND a potential starting RB tied to a top offense is a no brainer for me.

If this is superflex, than I probably wouldn’t do the trade.

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depending on a few things, yes. if this is a 2QB league, but you have plenty of depth and can make this happen while still having reliable starters for years to come, then yes. if its a superflex same thing only with a little less need for depth at QB. just a little bit less. in any other league, or format, yes. sure, his ceiling is michael vick. his floor is a bust. where he will likely land… somewhere in the middle. im not sold on lamar. if he wasnt so intent on being a QB he could be a really good WR. whats worse, is i really didnt like what i saw in the HOF game. not the play, that i dont care about. its a preseason game, and a glorified one at that. it was his attitude. thats what bugged me about him. there is still plenty to be found out about him, but im willing to cut ties with him now for a potential RB2 and a 1st for next year.

Assuming he’s a better runner than Cam Newton is a big mistake. Maybe he can, but I wouldn’t bet on it, and I also wouldn’t bet on him holding up like Newton.

Cam is one of the most prolific athletes and best rushing QBs the league has ever seen. He is already second all time in career rushing yards and when it’s all said and done, he’s going to own the record for rushing TDs and yards by a QB and he’s been doing it for 7 years. Remind me again how Jackson adds a special ability to run the ball better than any QB in the league? Lamar even said himself he was surprised at how fast the closing speed was in the NFL. He’s not someone who’s just going to be able to run away from everyone. He doesn’t jump off the screen like Vick or Cam did when they started blowing up the league. Also let’s not forget about Wilson who is a prolific runner and even better passer. Jackson doesn’t hold a candle to any of these 3 guys. Hell, I don’t even know if he’ll be better than Watson.

I like Jackson too but let’s not fool ourselves into dreaming too big. There’s a reason why Vick and Cam were both picked #1 in a time when mobile QBs weren’t even as popular as they are today. There’s a reason why Cam and Vick both won the NFL MVP. There’s a reason why Jackson was picked #32 and was the 5th QB off the board. He’s not as good as they were both in terms of running and passing and athletic ability. Also not sure where you get this Good QB coaching in Balt from. Ravens have never won off the backs of what I would even consider a league average QB. They’ve always won off defense and have had Flacco for the better part of a decade and well, we all know how that is working.