Lamar Jackson for Chubb

I give Lamar Jackson and I get Chubb.

Is this trade worth it? I’m worried about Hunt coming back, but right now I’m really desperate at RB. Chubb owner just lost Matt Ryan and hes got both Dalvin Cook and Mccaffrey.

My RB: Carson, Kerryon, Montgomery, Singletary

I also have Wentz and Darnold is on waivers.

I would say no. Kerryon left yesterday’s game. But you don’t want to give a guy 3 of the top 5 RBs in the league.

I would be trading Lamar Jackson in order to get Chubb

I understand that you give Lamar to get Chubb?
I would do that all day every day!
Wentz is fine.

Yes exactly. I edited the post.

You are not worried about Hunt?

No Chubb is a beast + lamar has bye upcoming + lamar schedule not great + you can need rb power

My bad yeah I’d do the trade. Great qb play helps but if your RBs don’t get you 15 it’s not helping much.

Nope, I’d keep Lamar

Oh really… how come? He is putting up RB1 numbers right now