Lamar Jackson Keeper Trade Offer

I am in a 10 person PPR 1 keeper league. I can keep Lamar in the 8th round in this years draft and continue keeping him 1 round earlier each year until its no longer a value. I traded away my 4th round pick in this year’s draft in order to make a playoff run last year.

I just received a trade offer to get a 2nd and 6th round pick in this years draft in exchange for Lamar. This would set me up with picks 7, 13, 14, 27, and 47 in the first 5 rounds. Is it worth giving up a potential multiyear keeper in Jackson when there were multiple early round picks traded for this year’s draft (Team A has an extra 2nd and 4th; Team B has an extra 3rd and 6th; Team C has an extra 2nd (would be trading to me for Lamar) and 5th.

I believe I would cash-in on Lamar’s value by accepting the trade offer. You can really build a solid team with the early picks and draft a QB later. I think most of the Fantasy Community believes that Lamar will regress somewhat this year. That’s my opinion. Hope my view helps!

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I think I would do that. Lamar is great but you can set yourself up really well by having 3 top 15 picks

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I’m agreeing with everyone else here. The extra picks should help out your team, who would you keep if not LamarJ?

Seems like a great deal for you to start your draft off strong with a bunch of high value picks. Trading Lamar is hard though, can’t fault you if you wanted to keep him.

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Agree, make the deal.

Would you keep a different player? Or can you choose no keepers?