Lamar Jackson or Phillip Rivers?!

Down to the wire and I do not have full confidence in my choice. I have relied on Rivers all year, but all rankings have Jackson higher. Is the choice a more reliable floor vs a higher boom? If I didn’t look at rankings I would go with Rivers no question. Any thoughts out there before kick off?

Tough match-up either way. Jackson has saved much of his week with rushing yards, but LAC has been good against the run. On the other side, BAL has been good against passing…

People have been saying that Jackson has the safer floor, but again, that is based on 4 games w/ rushing yards.

Sorry, no real advice, just info :confused: I am struggling to choose between Jackson and Goff myself…

It seems like a toss up. I fel like whoever I pick will be a bust and the other will turn it up. I think I am going to just go with Rivers. If anyone else is in the same situation as me you should go Jackson, because he will probably light it up.

I’ve been flipping back and forth all day…and currently leaning Jackson :slight_smile:

Oh, and if it helps - looks like Keenan is in.

I know…thats what has me leaning Rivers now. If he was out I would be more confident with Jackson…

Hopefully for you he is more than just a decoy.
Ugh, flip-flopping on Jackson again - if LAC stops the run and Jackson needs to throw…that is worrisome…but Goff’s throwing hasn’t inspired much lately but there a good weapons - and my opponent is using Cooks.
Thoughts for me? :slight_smile:

With Gurley banged up I bet Goff goes through the air more. Although they have less on the line than Baltimore. that’s a tough choice too. I wouldn’t worry too much bout your opponent having Cooks, although it would be nice to get any TD he might receive.

So you suggest Jackson over Goff?

Given Goff’s recent games I would probably lean Jackson.

Uh oh - early INT for Rivers :confused:

woof, still a lot of game left haha. Luckily I have gus too

Did you end up going with Jackson?

Yeah…flipped back to Jackson at the end. Was really hoping for something at the end of that drive…but yeah, lots of time left.

Rivers is getting outplayed so far. Looks like you made the right choice.

Jackson has triple the passing yards of Rivers right now. But we all knew that was going to happen, right? :smirk:

With a passing td…twilight zone is real!

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