Lamar Jackson ROS

What’s the outlook for Jackson? Will Flacco come back and if not, what kind of ceiling are we taking? The guy has a great slate of matchups ahead for QBs…

It’s impossible to know what will happen with Flacco the team announces anything long term

As for Lamar, he needs to throw for TDs to be fantasy relevant. The rushing yards are great, and I’m sure he’ll add some rushing TDs… but he has to stack multiple TDs to crack the top 12 at the QB position. That remains to be seen

Whether or not Flacco comes back, I don’t like Jackson. I know this is heavily against the grain but RBs at the QB position do not last in the NFL. I know he is electric, but teams will adjust to this offense and shut him down. He will not run wild in the NFL unless he is a passing threat. I do not believe he is a legitimate passing threat.