Lamar Jackson Sucks

I can’t stand this dude. Week after week he convinces me by his name alone that he’s going to do something, but he can’t even get it done against the Titans.

While, I believe Lamar is extremely athletic and talented, run first QBs just do not last very long in the league. QBs that are passers, but have running ability are the best compliment in fantasy (i.e. Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott before injury, Russell Wilson, even Patrick Mahomes).

In addition, his pure passing game is average at best, imho. He hasn’t shown me anything special in his passing game.

His running ability is what opens up the passing game for him, but teams are starting to figure him out and are game planning against him accordingly.

I think Lamar will still be fantasy relevant, he will just be a match up based QB.

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I agree in every respect, he’s still a phenomenal athlete and will continue to be relevant. I’ve just been frustrated with it because I drafted so high and now I can’t trade him for anything of value.

All of the respective #1s in each position, except Kelce, have been disappointing this year (CMC, MT, Jackson).

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