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Lamar Jackson Trade help

I give: Lamar Jackson and Juju
I get: Chubb, Tyrell Williams, AJ Green

Half PPR

Is this a good trade? I have Josh Allen to replace

EDIT: I give Lamar I get Dalvin Cook

Decline immediately

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Really, how come? What should I be asking for for Jackson?

For one Aj green may not be back for a while and Lamar Jackson is either the Qb 1 or 2 rn.

So essentially ur trading away him and juju for Chubb and Tyrell

Josh Allen has a good matchup this week and will most likely be nothing more than a streamer moving forward

There are a few guys I don’t trade at this point, and Lamar Jackson is one of them. Are you thinking he won’t keep it up and are trying to “sell high” on him? What does your backfield look like?
As was already stated, I don’t know what I’m getting with AJ. He won’t be back until October and who knows if he’ll be the AJ he has always been. I like Chubb, but you are giving up the best player in this trade and JuJu/Chubb are in the same vicinity as well. The way I look at it is if you remove Chubb/JuJu with similar enough value, you are trading L Jax for Tyrell Williams and AJ Green.

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Lol damn I wouldn’t do that in that case

My rb right now are Carson, D.Montgomery, M.Sanders, and Coleman so I was trying to beef it up abit.

What I hate is that juju feels like a “throw in” on this trade because everyone is trying to lowball me on juju right now

My thinking is that Lamar played 2 poor defences and had monster weeks, so I’m trying to sell high on him. I’m wondering if he will sustain it and whether I should trade now.

That is true but hes safe every week due to his running

Regarding juju, everyone is trying to lowball me.

I wanted to get him for Chubb or Aaron Jones, but they aren’t interested in going 1 for 1 on him… looks like I’m more likely to move him for Mack or Ingram or Michel, but I don’t know how I feel about that.

Any advice on that? I hate how he feels like a throw in on this trade offer above…

Nah don’t sell low. Hold him

I’m working on trading Jackson for Dalvin Cook… if I’m going to get a RB then I should be aiming for one of the best

The owner of Cook also has Mccaffrey so there could be a deal here

I’d hang onto yours. Jackson is pacing with Mahomes for potential MVP honors. Even if Green ever does take the field and produce close to his former self, it wouldn’t be desirable. Upon return, he could just as easily be running routes with crutches. While Williams may barely Pro Bowl, and Chubb will likely significantly lose carries in about 6-7 weeks from now.

I’m going after Dalvin Cook instead

At this point, it’d be a near push. I expect Jackson will come back down to earth; he put up 3 outstanding games, with 2 wah bear ones. But Cook is featured, leaned on and does it all. You could go with Minshew for a time, if he’s even available to claim. He and Mahomes are my QB’s. Minshew will probably steal ROY from Murray for most overall votes; lucky for Murray he’s in the NFC. Through 5, they’re right next to each other in fantasy production. Jacobs could surge late and rob Minshew toO.

Lol Ive held on to Lamar and ended up trading juju for Kerryon