Lamar Jackson

I got

Qb: Trubisky

Wr: Thielen, Adams, OBj, Sutton, trequan, MVS and Boyd

Rb: Gordon, Hunt, Fournette, Howard, Royce Freeman, Chubb,

Te: Kittle

Out of all those, who would be a wise drop if I wanted to stash Lamar Jackson?

unless this is dynasty i see no earthly reason to even roster jackson.

if it is dynasty, i’d probably say trequan or freeman

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just saw the news. so that’s my bad.

now that i know it’s probably not dynasty, i’d pick freeman 100%

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I reflex added Jackson as soon as I saw the news

Yeah it’s not dynasty or anything, Ive just been streaming QBs all year and most people have two QBs one team has three so it’s been slim Pickens for me.

Flacco hip injury.

I say add him before everyone else does just in case.

Rapsheet says he’s having tests to determine how bad it is today.

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I wanna add him, I just think my teams stacked and Idk who to give up haha

Still looking for a few more opinions xD only had one guy gimme an opinion and said Royce Freeman, anyone agree? Or got a better suggestion

I don’t think he’s worth adding. If you were going to drop someone for him, though, I’d go with Tre’quan. I can’t imagine you starting any WR’s ahead of Theielen, Adams, OBJ, so anyone else is expendable.

I’d try and package Howard/Sutton/MVS with Kittle/Trubisky for an elite TE/QB

Just dropped Stafford for him, roll the dice. I have Fitzpatrick to hold me down for the meantime and some other “ok” options on the wire.

I picked up Lamar as a (hopefully) fill in for Mahomes week12 bye and possibly as a backup QB ROS.

Lamar is a unique mix of great schedule, talent, explosiveness, and on a team in the playoff hunt. Worth an add to wait and see imo

Talk of Ravens not committing to Jackson and may roll with RG3 but I hope that’s not the case…RG3 is washed

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Yeah that’d be obnoxious

I feel they will go with Jackson but don’t want to say it just yet. Shall wait and see

Bumping this up too see what ppl think of Lamar after two mediocre games in good matchups .

I’ve got Mahomes… used Lamar as a bye week fill. Is Lamar worth holding as back up QB? Dak is also available. I’m only looking at weeks 15/16

Week 15 home vs TB
Week 16 away at LAC

Week 15 away at IND
Week 16 home vs TB

Hopefully nothing happens to Mahomes… but just in case, who is better backup?

I’d hold Lamar til after week 15 and then pick up Dak and do the TB match up two weeks in a row as a backup plan.

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