Lamar, Jacobs, Sanders Keeper Question

I have the #1 draft spot snake draft, half point ppr, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE,
2 RB,WR,TE Flex. My keeper question is Lamar Jackson for a 12th, Miles Sanders for 5th, or Josh Jacobs for a 2nd.

If I keep Jacobs and Miles Sanders my team looks like: CMC,Jacobs,Miles Sanders, Chris Codwin, Calvin Ridely, Devante Parker, Cam Akers, Will Fuller, Mathew Stadford, and(insert late round TE).

If I keep Miles Sanders and Lamar Jackson my team looks like: CMC, Lev Bell, Chris Codwin, DJ Moore, Miles Sanders, Marquis Brown, Cam Akers, Will Fuller, Lamar Jackson, (insert late round TE.

I could also go Kelce at the 2-3 turn in forgo getting lev bell and get David Montgomery or mark Ingram.

Thanks for the help!

I’d keep Lamar and Sanders. You’re getting Lamar for free basically, so you have to keep him imo. Sanders and Jacobs are close so just go with the value.

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@Dustin, I agree with @keith_ferguson here.

Yea it’s a little weird keeping Lamar because I always go late round qb and stream and I’m always able to either pick some one up or trade for someone. I go back and forth on determining if lamar jackson is the real deal or will defenses figure him out and he regresses big time.

With No real offseason, and having to adjust on the fly, I don’t think they will be able to do much different again this year.

That sounds like a disadvantage meaning if Lamar doesn’t progress as a passer in the off season and defenses learn how to contain his rushing then maybe he’s not as good?

I meant, the defenses won’t be having a ton of time working together this offseason so not much time to prepare, not to mention as well that BAL has a good system and everyone has known for years that they run the ball and they have always been good regardless of who they played and who the runner was.

Makes sense.