Lamar/John Brown for Rogers/JuJu

After two weeks I’m done with Rodgers and Juju plus now with Big Ben’s elbow not sure how valuable JuJu is.

Trying to trade for Lamar really. Thoughts on this trade?

My WRs are juju, thielen, Woods, tyrell, mclaurin, alshon

Super tilted that these high draft pick WRs have done nothing for me so far.

You’re pretty deep in WR. Good luck getting Jackson- probably be a whole lot to get him.
I know if I was the Lamar owner I wouldn’t take that. Just because of the possibility of having a top 3 QB for the year. Juju and Rodgers is probably your best bet though(unless that owner needs RB help).

Good luck.

Their team is as follows:

WRs: TY, Westbrook, John Brown, Sterling Shepard, Chris Conley
RBs: James White, Murray, Howard, Hines

They are pretty weak everywhere soooo I was thinking giving them a servicable QB in Rodgers and a much better option at WR even though Big Ben is out ROS should get it done for them.

Wow! That is a pretty bad lineup obviously besides the Jackson pick.
Try it out. You have so much depth you can even cough up two WRs if you need to but Rodgers and Juju should be enough.

so i ended up offering Rodgers/Thielen for Lamar/Brown…see if they accept or counter. One other thing are the QBs available on waiver. Should I just stream some of these guys and try to offload rodgers by himself for a more dependable WR?

Top QBs on WW:
Mason Rudolph
Jimmy Garoppolo
Josh Allen
Andy Dalton
Matt Stafford