Lamar Kittle trade

I’m 3-0 but need a QB & TE. I have CMC and Bell on IR - RBs are Robinson (JAX), Taylor (IND), Gibson, & McKinnon and my WRs are Davante Adams, Diontae Johnson, Mclaurin, & Marquise Brown. Being offered Lamar and Kittle for Taylor & Mclaurin. League is .5 PPR should I accept, knowing I will have CMC & Bell back eventually and can start Robinson & Gibson in their absence.

I would accept this trade, who is your current QB and TE?

I’m bouncing around between Wentz and Big Ben week to week, with my TE being either Jonnu or Gisecki, so not terrible but Kittle would be a big bump up and I think Lamar makes a resurgence.

Yah you’re hurting at the QB spot, getting a hold of Lamar and Kittle could be huge for you, especially when CMC comes back. Injuries are tough this year. Good luck.