Lamar Miller Deal

Am I crazy to trade Lamar Miller for Amari Cooper and Joe Mixon?

I lost Odell over the weekend so I am scrambling for a WR to replace him.

My roster now sits at:

QB- Jameis Winston

RB- Lamar Miller
Ty Montgomery (hurt)
Buck Allen
Alvin Kamara
Duke Johnson

WR- Alshon Jeffery
Emmanuel Sanders
Devin Funchess
Rishard Matthews
Willie Snead

TE- Zach Ertz

Yep. I think Cooper is not at all an OBJ replacement. I would ride with the team you have and. If I were you, I’d bolted and bundle a couple players for a WR replacement. Maybe bundle duke and Montgomery or something and get yourself a WR1 from someone who needs RB help.


AJ Green for Montgomery and Duke Johnson?

He would then have Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Duke Johnson, Chris Thompson, Alex Collins Darren McFadden so he definitely needs RB help. His receivers would fall to Baldwin, Kupp, Tate, Jaron Brown

Man you got a darn nice RB core and I think you could afford that trade and still pick up another steamer if you need to. Just make sure you don’t back yourself in a corner with the bye week. Don’t wanna be looking for two WR all the sudden. That’ll be tough. But if you’re good there then I would trade that!!! Hope that works out for you. It is nerve racking.

Hell, I would do it. You got a good RB core so it’s not like it’s killing you. Just make sure you don’t shoot yourself with the bye week. Don’t wanna have to scramble cause all your RBs are on bye. Lol. But all in all I would trade it. You can afford it

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Are you talking Miller for Cooper and Mixon or the Montgomery and Johnson for Green?

Well I ment Montgomery and johnson. It’s not bad with your roster. Buuuuut first ask for Green just for only one of those backs. 1-1. He really needs a RB so he’ll probably take it. Then you can let him pick the one he wants cause you got such a good lineup

Do you think I should offer Montgomery or Miller first?

Right concept, but the wrong player. Your RB core is stacked so you can definitely trade him for a WR but i’d be targeting an actual solid WR. Cooper will be matchup dependent and IMO similar to watkins (3-4 weeks from productivity again)

Trade Montgomery before Miller

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