Lamar miller for Freeman and Hogan?

I’ve been offered…
RB Devonte Freeman -Him
WR Chris Hogan -Him
Lamar Miller - Me
I don’t know anything about Freeman’s injury and I have my doubts with Hogan
My other Rb are Gurley and Howard

I think you should get more than Hogan, but even if you can’t get that, this is probably a good risk to take on Freeman returning to form and Hogan improving due to Edelman’s return and Gordon getting involved.

Only because you have Gurley and Howard already, that is.

He has Quincy Enuwa should I send him that trade with him and freeman

I wouldn’t take it but it’s a fair trade. It’s hard to depend on Freeman for any prolonged period of time - he just misses too many games for me. As far as Hogan, he’s had bad volume and been really inconsistent so far. And there’s more competition for targets coming as Edelman and Gordon come on board. Meanwhile, Lamar Miller has been really consistent.

He’s giving you more upside, but you’re solving a couple really big headaches for him.