Lamar Miller for Jarvis Landry?

I have Lamar Miller, looking to get Landry.

My RBs

My WRs

I wouldn’t trade Landry for Miller straight up.

As in you would rather have Landry, or Miller?

Hold on to miller. High volume running backs are scarce this year. There are plenty of WR options

Landry for sure

I hear ya, but I already have Fournette, Mixon, Drake, and Conner.

Fournette and Mixon should be back once this trade goes through.

My Wrs are not good.

Miller could lose his job to Foreman when he comes back. Best case scenarios he loses some touches to him and sucks again like last year.

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package drake and Enunwa/Cooper/Edelman for Landry and keep Miller. how about that idea?

Yea it will help you immediately but my preference is to hold on to backs because of the amount of injuries. It is a good trade but you dont wanna have to rely on drake in the playoffs

I’m 0-3, i’ll be lucky to get to the playoffs. lol