Lamar Miller or Chris Thompson

An owner in my Dynasty Standard league just waived Chris Thompson. I would love to snag him but I actually have the maximum number of running backs allowed per team.

My current RB’s are: Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley, David Johnson, Chris Carson, Lamar Miller, and Ezekiel Elliott.

I traded Sammy Watkins for Johnson after DJ got injured, I am stashing him for next season. I have no intentions of letting Fournette, Gurley, or Elliott go in an 8 keeper Dynasty league. So I am stuck between cutting Miller/Carson in order to pick up Chris Thompson. Any advice would be appreciated.

This is for a standard scoring league, not PPR

I’d get rid of Miller in this situation if you really want Thompson. Miller seems to be trending down, but Thompson is much more valuable in PPR. You’re STACKED at RB, so I wouldn’t be too worried with either of them.

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