Lamar miller or nick chubb?

Standard scoring! gordon is my rb but he’s questionable. If he is out, who do i start?
Lamar miller @ jax
Nick chubb @ tb

Nick Chubb. Not even close.


Chubb for sure.


I might play Chubb over Lamar even if Hyde hadn’t been traded haha. Okay, not true, but Chubb without question.

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Thanks! Thats where i was leaning too.
I wanted to see what he does as the browns rb1 before plugging him in, but if gordon is out i might have no choice haha

Oh cmon, lamar isnt thaaaat bad haha

Man how can miller be so bad having the backfield to himself? I havent watched many texans games, but the OL didnt seem this horrible at the begging of the season

I really don’t get it. I’ve given Lamar so many chances and I just can’t anymore.

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I’m right there with y’all!!! I finally sent Lamar to the wolves a couple of weeks ago. LOL…my opponent this week eventually snatched him up. Where’s he been ever since…ON—HIS—BENCH!!! :rofl:

GOOD RIDDANCE Mr. Miller!!! Don’t miss ya a bit!!!

And for the record…I’m sitting at 2-4. The two games I won, he was on my bench!!! Go figure!!! :roll_eyes: