Lamar Miller?

Just watching him tonight, I have a feeling that his days as the Texans starter are numbered. Foreman looked a lot better than him, but I also have concerns about this offensive line and offense in general. Should I “sell medium”? (Since he had another just eh game) or should I hold? My other running backs are Kareem hunt, Jay Ajayi, Dalvin Cook and Jacquizz Rodgers.

I’d sell. He looked real bad man.

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Given it is unlikely you would start Miller over Hunt, Ajayi, or Cook, I’d look to move him. But of course, all depends on the value you get back.

I’d package Miller and qizz for wr and pick up don’t rb depth. Qizz likely good for two games until Martin comes back and his value will start to drop drastically and no point of keeping someone else’s HC on your bench. The chance of you starting Miller over hint ajayi or cook is low barring injury.