Lamar or Dak for Dalvin?

I trade Lamar or Dak
I receive Dalvin Cook

Already have Carson and Chubb so I know Cook is a welcome addition. If I trade Dak or Lamar I’ll still have one of them PLUS Deshaun Watson as my QB’s…

Basically, would you trade Dak or Lamar straight up for Dalvin as that’s what it would be. What say you? Sounds like a no brainer for me, right?

So you’ve been rolling with 3 QBs? You have a lot of bench space in that league or something?

In any case, I agree with you, with Deshaun Watson on your team (assuming you can only play 1 QB at a time) I see no reason not to move either Dak or Lamar and make yourself a monster at RB, it’s worth it. Lamar probably has more upside due to his legs, so of the two I’d rather move Dak, but they may not bite…

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Yeah, I took crap from other owners about the 3 QB’s but it’s starting to payoff with a couple of them needing a decent starter. Thanks for confirming my thoughts… needed it! LOL

I’d trade Dak if I could and keep Lamar, I like his matchup better than Dak’s on Watson’s bye week (@cin instead of @min for Dak). Are there vetoes in your league? That seems like a very lop-sided trade in your favor.

No vetoes, Commish approves but it’s since changed as he’s, appropriately, asking for more as we both recognize the lopsided value in my favor.

Now he wants Lamar and Carson for Dalvin. SMH