Lamar or J Rob

With Etienne hurt, would you keep James Robinson in the 9th or Lamar Jackson in the 11th.

This is a superflex league so essentially two QBs.

Dilemma of a pick. Given its superflex and top tier qb will go much earlier I think i would go Jackson. But ninth round on a starting rb is really incredible. I have slight concerns Hyde will be more of a thing than expected so that leans me to take Lamar.

Hmm I agree. I think I just needed someone else to say it ha. Thanks.

I think it’s gotta be Lamar in a superflex… quarterbacks are just exponentially more valuable, Lamar would be a much earlier pick and comes with a bit of a cheaper price too.

Since individual QBs are devalued somewhat in Superflex/2QB leagues, I’d probly keep the RB, but I could understand keeping Lamar too.