Lamar ROS?

Hey footclan, I need some advice on whether or not I should keep Lamar or try and trade him? I’m currently in 1st but will probably drop to 2nd place after a bad week.

The Ravens offense looks stale and not sure what I should do with him.

I have him too and I was lucky enough to pick up Hebert, I’m attempting to trade Lamar away, that Madden curse is starting to hit him.

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I am in the same boat, currently debating trading him, hoping to upgrade at the position. It is tough especially with them losing their LT for the season, makes me more worried about the potential upside

Im in the same boat as @AndrewSki12 with lamar and herbert Im holding Lamar until he has a big game and trying to trade him.

No idea what kind of value he’ll have though

Ya Herbert is owned in my league at this point so my two best options are Burrow and Brees.

I could try and package him up in a trade though.