Lamar Trade. Tell me how bad it is

I accepted a trade for Lamar Jackson that’s about to cause a revolt with other managers, trying to undo the trade. Standard league. I traded away Lamar Jackson and Damien Harris to receive DeAndre Swift and Derek Carr.

I’m 2-4 and trending downward and my RBs are/were Damien Harris, Chuba and Melvin Gordon.


Yeah I’d say it’s a tough trade for ya. You’re clearly hurting at RB, but I think it’s definitely an overpay. I think you could’ve gotten swift in a 1 for 1 deal, or sent him melvin gordon in the package instead of harris.

Fair. I might be forced to renegotiate it, so it’s still a possibility. I still don’t think it’s egregious enough to be undone.

It’s not that bad. If the veto that’s weak, lol.

Sure carr is booty but Swift is well ahead of Harris in my eyes. even after a big week.

Ya, I think it’s not too bad. It definitely doesn’t rise to the level of collusion or anything near warranting a veto for me. Swift is like the RB6 on the season, so massive upgrade in one and downgrade in another.

Tell them to suck it up, Buttercup.