Lamar trade thoughts?

Hey Footclan,

Trying to improve my lackluster RB position by shipping Lamar. What’s your take on this trade, am I getting enough?

Send: Lamar Jackson, Marvin Jones
Receive: Kyler Murray (or Baker Mayfield), Josh Jacobs

Depending on your scoring structure Lamar is a 6-10 pt/wk advantage over kyler or baker. Are your RB’s that poor you need to give up the potential league MVP? In my mind if you can you upgrade a RB to get an additional 6pt/wk out of the position and are willing to stream QBs I would go for it.

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That’s a good point. As for usable RB’s I’ve got Sony, Shady, Mostert and I guess you could throw Cohen in there as well. Maybe I’m not really gaining enough RB points/week to justify selling Lamar at this point of the season. Also doesn’t help I’m in semi-panic mode after starting 0-1-1 lol

Tough spot there. I would try to move a WR to upgrade because you’ve got a need for RB depth for sure. I would try to hold Lamar as long as possible but you may have to trade him to get an RB2 value (I doubt RB1’s are available for trade unless Sony is attached in your situation)