Lamar trade

I need a QB and can get Lamar, but would have to give up either Chris Carson or Kenyon Drake as a part of a package deal. Which RB should I trade?

What does your full roster look like? What does the Lamar owner’s team look like?

PPR, standard? Redraft, Dynasty? 2 RB 2WR Flex, 1 RB 3WR Flex, 2QB?

@recespieces31 here is my roster:

And here is the other owner’s roster:

It’s a non-PPR, redraft league.

I’m also trying to get Ekeler and I’d probably trade him If it goes through and keep Carson and Drake.

Who are you packaging Carson with to get Jackson? I am looking at a similar option.
Would say that Carson, although on the better team, is perhaps more at risk of Hyde taking carries and injury risk than Drake