Landry and Michel for Bell?

Trading away Landry and Michel for Lev. We play 3 wr plus a flex, I’ve got Julio, Green, and Theilen. Plus I just picked up Geronimo. DJ and Collins is what I’m running with rb wise, plus Chubb. Worth the risk for Bell?

Can you afford to potentially stash bell until week 10? If you’re the number 1 seed This trade is a no brainer. If you’re struggling I would trade for somebody who is actually playing.

I’m 6-1. Currently. Likely to lose the next 2 weeks even with Landry.

The only thing I’m concerned with is who you’re not getting. I feel like you could get better value now but this is the type of trade that will win you a championship. I would acccept.

Thanks, I know it’s risky- but I agree. Hopefully it plays out that way.

It’s a gamble. I might prefer using Landry to acquire an RB with a more assured future than Bell. Hell, even a better WR to acquire a top RB. You can get MVS and then Allison and he are excellent flex options depending on who is the starter/not injured. Plus, your Rb’s now aren’t even bad. Might get a lot better soon.