Landry debate

I am in an eternal Jarvis Landry debate w/ guys. I love his skill set, I understand he’s an underwhelming athlete and the short yardage stuff isn’t sexy, but I feel he’s a legit talent who stay’s on the field because of all he can do and therefore gets more opportunities to get targets than some of the more phsycially gifted players out there. The other side says he’s replaceable because anyone could get the short catches he does and he’s not a good athlete so it’s a matter of time before he’s replaced. I know the fantasy footballers like his skill set as a slot WR and all around good football player, what say you?

He is a very good WR. Look at the numbers he has managed to put up with average to sub par quarterback play. He is near the top of the league every year in receptions. If he was on the Patriots in the slot role he would be a top 10 (maybe even top 5) fantasy WR.

I agree, and have used the Patriots as an example. Also, found an article that said his 2.33 (in 2016) yards per route from the slot was the 2nd highest in the league. These guys who hate him act like slot receivers elsewhere are doing 10 yard outs and ins each play…the biggest knock on him previously was lack of TDs, which are super hard to predict and it actually makes sense he’s catching more red zone TDs now w/ how good he is at getting open from the slot in short yardage situations.