Landry/Fant for RB/WR?

I’m pretty short at RB after this week. I currently have CMC, CEH, Hubbard, Booker and Gainwell. I can’t count on Barkley to be out another week so I can play Booker again, and Gainwell doesn’t seem to be an option. Landry is coming off IR soon so figured I’d package him with Fant for an RB/WR pair. The pickings are thin at RB across the league. My options seem to be:

— Mike Davis/Jaylen Waddle
— Eli Mitchell/Corey Davis
— Damien Harris/Rondale Moore (I have Kyler).

Or, since this wouldn’t be until next week anyway, I can wait and see how things shake out and maybe there will be another option or something unexpected on the wire.

Full PPR. Sorry for the long write-up. Thoughts? TIA