Landry for Hogan and Tevin

Full ppr, start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex.

I am the Bell and McKinnon owner and current backs are Ajayi, Lewis, Gio, Michell, and Powell.
WR’s are Keenan, Tate, Landry, Kupp, and Landry. If i accept the trade, i will have to drop an additional 2 guys to make room on my bench and for a kicker.

What do ya fellas think!?


Don’t love Hogan’s long term prospects but I do love Coleman’s short term prospects. There’s also the chance that Freeman’s injury lingers and Coleman goes from a season long flex/RB2 to a high end rb2/low end rb1. Also, with Ajayi looking like he may not play it looks like you might be stuck playing Gio/Michel and Lewis this week.

I’d probably do it, but there would definitely be some hesitancy because I believe in Landry this year.

I countered with Locket and Powell for Tevin. Then I wouldn’t have to drop any more guys for my Kicker.

That would be a way better trade for you if he took it. I don’t know his situation, but just based on value I wouldn’t take that trade in his position.

Yeah neither would I but I am trying to lowball with what i can get away with. Really trying the 2-for-1 deal

Sometimes you gotta do it just to figure out how they value the player, I get you.